Make a Sentence with the Word Agreement

Agreement is an important concept in language that denotes the act of two or more parties coming to a mutual understanding or consensus. In order to demonstrate the use of the word “agreement” in a sentence, we can provide one such example:

“After a lengthy negotiation, the two companies finally reached an agreement on the terms of their partnership.”

In this sentence, “agreement” is used to refer to the understanding that the two parties came to after negotiating terms. This demonstrates not only the meaning of the word, but also its common usage in a business or legal context.

Another example of a sentence that uses “agreement” might be:

“Before signing the contract, we need to ensure that all parties are in agreement with the terms and conditions.”

In this sentence, “agreement” is used to refer to the state of all parties being in consensus or agreement with the contract terms. This highlights the importance of achieving mutual understanding before entering into any formal agreements or contracts.

Ultimately, the word “agreement” is a powerful tool in language that can be used to denote harmony, understanding, and consensus between parties. By using it effectively in sentences, writers and communicators can convey their meaning clearly and effectively to others.

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